Visit Hisarya Platform





Hissarya is well-known for its natural springs and old Roman remains, but there is so much more to see. The lack of easily accessible information left travelers uninformed of how much there is to see; hence, the necessity for a modern website to present the information in a user-friendly and interactive manner emerged.


  • Build the visual identity for Visit Hisarya;
  • Gather complete information on each subject;
  • Take photos of all spots;
  • Create the website;
  • Design an Interactive map.
  • Adapt to a responsive variant



Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Hotjar, Google Analytics, WordPress.


About the project

The idea of digitizing Hisarya guests’ tourism experiences was developed a little more than a year ago, and the first step we made was to create the interactive platform – a site where our users will have access to complete information about our rich cultural-historical legacy. A location where we will help them see our city through our eyes and experience what we do while strolling through the heart of Roman history.


Working on the Visit Hisarya interactive tourism hub made me fall even more in love with the rich cultural heritage left to us by the Romans. My plan is to expand the platform into a comprehensive branding campaign for Hisarya as a premier destination, focusing on its rich cultural and historical legacy.


With the development of this website, I laid the groundwork for a vision for our city’s future – to promote Hisarya as a significant historic destination with immense cultural wealth that needs to be seen, touched, and, most importantly, felt.


Key features

Suggestive live search functionality



Comprehensive Homepage


Interactive Map

Making the information as accessible as possible for visitors to our city was my main objective. As a result, I paid close attention to the interactive map with objects that enables users to view their location and the area around them in real-time and consequently obtain the information that interests them.

We intend to add every hotel, eatery, pool, and store on the interactive map in the upcoming version of the website, enabling more local businesses to have an online presence.

The map allows users to:

  • Browse through 3 different categories of places;
  • Have a split-view of the list and map, working together and displaying on hover the exact place of the item;
  • Show their current location to use as navigation towards a specific object.



Landmark inner page

All objects on the map have a dedicated inner page, including features for:

  • More information and images of the place;
  • Rating system with the option to read and leave reviews;
  • Events nearby (WIP)
  • Get directions buttons, opening Google Maps with exact GPS coordinates to the place.



Key takeaways

  • Analytics have shown a significant improvement in web searches for the city and website;
  • The platform has 50-70 unique, organic userbase daily;
  • It is used mostly by the age group 18-24, which was a key objective: appeal to younger audiences as a place to visit.