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“Thorus is an all in one cross-chain DeFi Platform with an adaptable treasury system, and a token holder first approach. All protocol functions are designed to reinforce this mentality. Each feature is part of an ecosystem that continually drives value back to the THO token, benefiting holders and stakers above all.”

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  1. Product Design
  2. Creative direction over complete brand identity and UI
  3. Research & Usability Testing


Project Objectives

  1. Rebranding Alignment: Align the Product with the new Thorus branding.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Improve the overall user experience with a focus on usability.
  3. Feature Integration: Incorporate new features seamlessly into the existing protocol.
  4. Consistency Across Platforms: Ensure a consistent design language across web and mobile platforms.


Discovery and Analysis

Stakeholder Interviews

  • Document insights gathered from discussions with key stakeholders regarding the rebranding goals.

User Feedback Analysis

  • Summarize feedback from existing users regarding pain points and suggestions.

Competitor Analysis

  • Analyze UI/UX trends in the DeFi space, especially in protocols with similar functionalities.

Risk Assessment

  • Identify potential risks associated with the UX/UI update and strategies to mitigate them.


Design Strategy

Branding Guidelines

  • Detail the new Thorus brand guidelines and how they will be reflected in the UI.

User Persona Update

  • Update existing user personas to align with the changes in brand and features.

Information Architecture

  • Revise the information architecture to accommodate new features and reflect the rebranding.

Design Principles

  • Define design principles that emphasize security, clarity, and ease of use.


Design Execution


  • Develop low-fidelity wireframes illustrating key screens with the new design language.


  • Create interactive prototypes for user testing and stakeholder feedback.

Visual Design

  • Develop high-fidelity mockups incorporating Thorus branding elements.

Accessibility Considerations

  • Ensure the design complies with accessibility standards for a diverse user base.


Development and Implementation

Technology Stack

  • Specify the technologies used for implementing the updated UI/UX.

Security Measures

  • Highlight security features incorporated into the design to protect user assets.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

  • Ensure the design is responsive and works seamlessly across various devices.


Testing and Deployment

User Acceptance Testing

  • Review and implement the results of user acceptance testing, including any iterations made.

Deployment Plan

  • Outline the phased deployment of the updated UI/UX.

Monitoring and Feedback

  • Establish a process for monitoring user feedback post-deployment.



User Education

  • Develop educational materials to help users transition smoothly to the updated design.

Metrics and Analytics

  • Monitor key metrics to evaluate the success of the updated UI/UX.

Iterative Improvements

  • Plan for ongoing improvements based on user feedback and evolving industry standards.






Swap / Add Liquidity Interface


Liquidity Positions





I structured the user interface into three tabs: Buy tickets, Results, and Project info, so that each tab has its own audience. All other information is always visible because it is relevant to every user.

Lottery / Buy Tickets

Lottery / Results

Lottery / Project info



ATH Market Cap: 26 million USD

Users: 50 000+