villa paris
visual identity design & web development
art director & web developer

The brand: Villa Paris is dating since 1923, when a lot of new baroque-inspired buildings have begun coming to life in the small village of Hisarya, Bulgaria. However, due to wars and consequently – Communism, this lovely pearl in the heart of the old Roman town had been abandoned. Fortunately, in 2015, a family of hotel managers renovated the building and is now filled with life again.

Problem/task: Create a visual identity system for a Paris-inspired boutique hotel.

Work: I approached the task with big interest as I designed the logo at first and got inspired to find the best graphic expression of this jewel of a place. I chose Harrington as the font for the logo, keyholders and door signs, and Cormorant Infant + PT Sans Narrow for their main content.

Additionally, I designed and developed a website with a working booking system.

Finally, I directed a photoshoot with a local photographer to better capture the true feel of this astonishing place.

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