victorious watches
brand visual identity & web development
cofounder & art director

The brand: During my one-year stay in Sofia, with the power of the law of attraction, I met 2 guys, with whom we created Victorious Watches – A brand for stylish watches. Our key brand principle was premium experience at a low cost.

Problem/task: Develop a strong visual design, which is not too extravagant to scare customers off, but rather minimalistic and luxurious. In the process, we faced the challenge of finding a way to produce a premium looking print materials to go with our products, so we don’t lose on production that much.

Work: It all began with the logo. It symbolises the timelessness of our brand with the motion it sets within itself. I then continued with developing the complimentary assets to it like typography and colours. A big challenge for the Bulgarian market is finding a suitable font that is supported in Cyrillic. After a while, every watch we sent out was accompanied by a premium box and branded cards inside.

My next job was the website, which was thoroughly designed towards our brand goals and in compliance with our visual language, and designed with a highly UX-oriented thinking.

A little ways down the road, I had the chance to direct and retouch our own photoshoot.


*The shown designs are the ones that we used, while I was the art director of our startup, but due to unfortunate events, I decided to move on and the current design on their website is not my courtesy.

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