I care about making things that last.

Who is Pavel?

Funny you should ask… I am everything I believe I can be. But what am I not? I am not the designer who just does the pretty thing. I design experiences. I tend to explore, try new things, take every brief as a personal challenge. I find a hidden delight in generating imaginative solutions to complex problems and successfully implementing my hobbies into my work. 


In terms of interests, I enjoy reading about tokenomics in DeFi and researching new ideas in the industry. My other passion is music, and I am a member of an electronic music label team.


To decompress, I like to train my mind with daily meditation and putting myself to test with regular ice-cold showers. 


In terms of work, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some extremely intriguing in-house branding projects for industry leaders and some really promising startups.

Outside of work

Founder Visit Hisarya

Design & Innovation Urge To Dance